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To provide honest, diligent and dutiful service to our clients world-wide, and to represent our clients’ interests’ to the fullest capacity of the law.









Canada Direct Immigration Consultancy and Partners

What distinguishes us from a great number of the other immigration consultancies is that we are actually located in the countries that we do business in. Other consultants live and stay only in Canada and many times have not even visited the country where the applicant is originating from.  In other words, we can service your application/case from anywhere in Canada or in the world.

If we take your case it is because that we have a firm rooted belief that we think your application has a better than fair chance of being approved; if we do not think your case has merit we will tell you so and not give you false hopes.

Once we do take your case you can rest assured that your file will receive attention to detail from the beginning to the end of the process.

Canada Direct Immigration Consultancy and Partners is a multi disciplined, full service professional recruiter and Immigration Consultancy.

Please review the links to the right each link is a brief description of the kinds of services that we offer but the links are by no means a comprehensive guide to the stream. Each individual and their application will stand on its own merits and situation and therefore every applicant’s situation calls for individual attention.

If you are planning to move to Quebec in any of the streams additional steps need to be taken. Quebec ‘selects’ and ‘accepts’ its own immigrants and non-immigrant applicants and it is important to follow Quebec’s terms and conditions for its programs to be successful.

A word of note for each stream and the time it takes to process each stream is depended on where the applicant lives and how busy their visa post is with other applications. Please contact us for more information about processing times specific to your country.

success story

We are successful and are confident in our continued ability to process applications and receive favorable responses.

After your successful application you will have no difficulty recommending us to your friends, family and colleagues.

We bring a new perspective to going to Canada with honor, trust and integrity.